Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Of the week


"Hello Benjamin. God has a plan for you"

-Me. A couple of Resident Hall Security guys at work had been hyping me up all night and telling the new guy that I was funny and stuff....so I broke him off with that little nugget.


I stopped off at the house to visit my nephews at 9 in the morning. Nathan was still asleep and I made as much noise as humanly possible to wake him up....followed by him saying "SHUT THE FUCK UP!" which made me laugh uncontrollably.


do subliminal messages work? Play this for your girlfriend and see.


  1. Come on Nic, you gotta keep me entertained while I am workin. Can't work at a desk and have nothing to do all the time.

  2. you outta see the new season of curb, cause something like that happened to larry david too and he was like "shut the fuck up!!" and i just thought about that the whole time.